Tuesday, January 21, 2003

The Thursday Report

Volume 1 Number 1
January 23 to 29 2003

The Thursday Report is a preview of the coming week's trends and activities using asymmetric prediction techniques. The Thursday Report publishes on Tuesday and covers the period from Thursday to Wednesday.

23 January 2003 Thursday
Outer appearances today seem warm and inviting. Peace. Good will. Love. The emergence of love. The power of attraction. Love in general. Surrounding many people with love.

But there is an undercurrent that is unsettling:

Parental authority. Police actions. Governmental powers and authorities. Extraordinary actions taken by leaders. Decisive leadership. Huge deeds. The mining and smelting industry.

Contentment in being alone. Successful separations. Ripe old age. Inconstant success. Separated from luck. Buildings. Change of residence. Money losses. Losses of real estate.

State buildings. Huge buildings. Castles. Estate settled through probate court. Separated by the authorities for a long time. Losing the leadership. Tumbling down from on high. Money losses through loans. Credit taker. A fortune is diminished or hindered by the authority. Sentence. Security police. With death as a consequence.

Quarrel with superiors, the chief or the government. Death of higher ups or ancestors., or the parent. Passing service order (official order) of the state. Separation through the power of the State. Disbanding of an institution. Bankruptcy. One's activities hindered by authorities.

Good fruits, fine accomplishments. Leadership through one's own fortunate activities. Happy activities lead to independence. Giver of money. Happiness through the government. Money through lawsuits. Asserting oneself with success.

24 January 2003 Friday
A good to be out and around a multitude of people. Experience. Many hours. Spreading of a people. Many nations. Generous disposition of persons or people. People with a comprehensive range of thought.

25 January 2003 Saturday
Receptive medium. The influence of the spirit on the soul. People who are susceptible to mental and spiritual things. Medium. Mental suggestibility. Subconscious mind. Instinct. Media.

Sweet, kind and friendly to the face but actually insincere. Development of a secret sympathy. Failed dreams and hopes. Silly wishes without the possibility of realization. Highly sensitive (psychic) or passive and unfeeling. The hardly noticeable beginning of a pleasant change.

Associated with officials, superiors, and capable people. Connections with the authorities or leading persons. Manager. Representative of the government. Embassy. Entanglements with officials. Summoned.

Generic thinking of the masses or the world at large. The regular public opinion. Motion. News, neighborhood.

Working community. Connection through work or activities. Concerted action. Betrothal. Erotic Unions. Sexual union.

26 January 2003 Sunday
Recognition, honors, dignities. Holding an honorary position. One who is successful. Successful people, known everywhere.

Propagation. Love production. Dissemination. Devoted activity. Seed. Increase. Garden planting.

Profound and groundbreaking methods of study transport the day to new realizations and understandings.

27 January 2003 Monday
Works in common. Hours of work in a community. Art worker (receptive) to keep house together. The natural (free or common-law) marriage. People who want to marry. People attending weddings. People are social. People who prefer the company of people. Leisure activities. The amateur. Community service. Person's marriage. Parent's remarriage.

The person who faces entirely new conditions and completely changed [circumstances] surroundings, who has to cope with new things and implements. Adaptable. As a leader making one's way against strong resistance. Constant activity. The products of the soil, the field.

Love worries. Grieving. Secret love. Waiting/server. Propagation problems.

28 January 2003 Tuesday
Love's parting. Separation of love. Interrupted harmony. Hindered inclinations. Love's sorrow. Love's separation. The future is uncertain for lovers.

The bodily relationship to the Universe. The body on this earth. The body and everything pertaining to the body. The biological. Problems and matters of daily life. Many on a day. Persons in public life. A small group of people.

Mighty activity. Energetic forces in action. Violence. Mechanical energies. Power. Muscular strength. Violent action. Exercise. Big effort.

29 January 2003 Wednesday
Explosions. Lightning. Thunderbolts. Fires. Sudden appearance of forces. Mighty tension. Enormous display of strength. Horsepower. Electric energies. Electrical high tension.

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