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January 2003

1 January 2003
Wednesday Mars 3 Hades
MAR HAD Dirty work. Forced to do something against better judgment. A serious act. Evil deed. Villainy. Base action. Physical brutality. Attacks. Fatigue. Weariness. Atrocity. Vulgar acts. Causing damages. Base services. Creative servant. Slaves. Sudden attacks. Murder. Homicide. Unusual death. Serious sickness. Faulty or bad action.

2 January 2003
Thursday Mars: 1 Apollon 2 Admetos
MAR APO ADM The end of a scientific dissertation. Satisfaction over concluded business transactions or activities within a small group. Important efforts meet success in specialized fields of commerce or science. A specialist in science or business. Finding satisfaction in one's personal activities.
Node 3 Zeus
NOD ZEU Connections with fire or machines. Propagation. Enthusiasm. Joining others in a plot. Impelled by curiosity everywhere. Jack of all trades. All-rounder. Connections with workers. Election. Selection. Joining together with others for creative accomplishment. Union for propagation. Connection with fire. Work with kilns, stoves, or furnaces. (I clean the kitched and the stove.)

3 January 2003
Friday Mars: 7 Aries 5 Jupiter
ARI MAR JUP Fortunate actions or accomplishments. Births. Fruits. Love happiness of or with another. Successful actions, pleasurable activity. Activity produces results. General satisfaction with one's activities.

4 January 2003
Saturday Mars 3 Vulcanus
MAR VUL Mighty activity. Energetic forces in action. Violence. Mechanical energies. Power. Muscular strength. Violent action. Exercise. Big effort. (Bomb goes off in a shopping mart in Israel 25 dead.)
5 January 2003
Sunday Jupiter 7 Zeus
JUP ZEU Bringing good luck and benefits. Beneficial acts. Obliged to give. Time of fortunate activity. Fortunate in connections with machines. Successful creation. Fortunate activity.
ZEUS Leadership. Direction. Irresistible force. Compulsive behavior. Nearness, the immediate present. Directed energy, targets and goals, ambition, creation, projection. Aim. The king of the gods and husband of Hera. Fire, reproduction, creation, fiery, creative.

6 January 2003 Monday Aries 7 Admetos
ARI ADM Base origin. Raw materials. Standstill. Death. Rest, cessation. Circulation. Raw materials. Resistance all around. (Israeli reactionary government closes the three most prestigious universities in Palestine.)
7 January 2003
Tuesday Kronos: Aries 5 Mars 7 Aries
ARI MAR KRO Parental authority. Police actions. Governmental powers and authorities. Extraordinary actions taken by leaders. Decisive leadership. Huge deeds. The mining and smelting industry.(The 4th Federal Disrtict Court decides that American citizens can be arrested and detained indefinitely on the whim of the evil empire based in the White House. )
8 January 2003
Wednesday Moon 3 Venus
Elvis Presley's Birthday. I trade banjo for a strat.

9 January 2003
Thursday Mars: 7 Aries 7 Admetos 7 Hades
MAR HAD ADM Making up for neglect and omissions through one's work. Catching cold. Difficult working conditions. Lack of work. Unemployment. Serious damage through cold. Humiliated, oppressed, or terrorized in or through one's work. Paltry services of a low quality. Abased and wronged through service relationships. Forced into menial service or slavery by high pressure.

10 January 2003
Friday Mars 7 Pluto

MAR PLU Working on schedule. Multitasking. Organizing one's work. Planning. Blueprints. Duplicates, to copy, repeat, to multiply. Leading, supervising or performing several activities at the same time. Plans. Performing two jobs at the same time. Alteration in the activity of one's work and in the working conditions. Change in the occupation. Dividing, splitting, branching off.

11 January 2003
Saturday Mars 3 Saturn
MAR SAT Interruption of work, periodic work. Activities leading to separation, or which are periodically interrupted. Funeral. Acute sicknesses or matters. Actions forcing separations and schisms. Deaths.

12 January 2003

13 January 2003
Monday Mars: 7 Neptune 7 Saturn 5 Neptune
MAR SAT NEP Plans not carried through. Injuries which heal very slowly. Person's venereal sickness. Death from poison, gas, plague, or cunning (treachery). Periodic work. Lasting destruction. Articular rheumatism. Slow death as the result of pestilential diseases.

14 January 2003
Tuesday Mars 7 Jupiter

MAR JUP Joy of work. Fortunate acts or accomplishments. Lucky Deed. Joyous happenings. Betrothal. Fortunate deed. Creating something. Production. Propagation. Pregnancy. Generation. Children. Fruits and births.

15 January 2003
Wednesday Mars 3 Uranus 7 Zeus
MAR URA ZEU Production of a boy. Occupied with internal combustion engines. Ignition. Injury through exploding forces, through lightening, through sudden fire, automobile accident or firearms. Sudden energetic action, which cannot be stopped. Demolition charge (military). Quick firing weapons. Offering resistance. Suddenly becoming rebellious. Hand-grenade. Grenades.

16 January 2003
Thursday Mars 3 Aries
ARI MAR Working energy. Having courage. The general forces of nature.

17 January 2003
Friday Saturn 3 Apollon
SAT APO Method. Training. Education. The System. Teaching. Teacher. Pupil. Many separate or depart. Evictions. Banishment. Separations of long duration. Large hindrance. "late".

18 January 2003
Saturday Mars: 3 Aries 5 Node
ARI NOD MAR Union with many for common activities. Connections through work. Generic working relationships and work communities. Uniting activity. Sexual unions in general. Erotic union with many people.

19 January 2003
Sunday Mars 3 Kronos
MAR KRO Distinguished leader and organizer. The eminent original. Independent. Master of the house. Government procedure. Power of police. Autocratic action. Police authority. Penal law. Autocratic actions.

20 January 2003
APOLLON Experience. Success. Glory. Peace. Trade. Commerce. Science. Expansion. Far and wide. Expansiveness, width, many, spreading out, multiplication, specialization. Apollo is the Greek and Roman god of sunlight, prophecy, music and poetry. "lots of", progressive, abundance. APO

21 January 2003

22 January 2003

23 January 2003
Thursday Mars: 7 Kronos 7 Aries
ARI MAR KRO Parental authority. Police actions. Governmental powers and authorities. Extraordinary actions taken by leaders. Decisive leadership. Huge deeds. The mining and smelting industry.
Jupiter 7 Saturn
JUP SAT Contentment in being alone. Successful separations. Ripe old age. Inconstant success. Separated from luck. Buildings. Change of residence. Money losses. Losses of real estate.
JUP SAT KRO State buildings. Huge buildings. Castles. Estate settled through probate court. Separated by the authorities for a long time. Losing the leadership. Tumbling down from on high. Money losses through loans. Credit taker. A fortune is diminished or hindered by the authority.
MAR SAT KRO Quarrel with superiors, the chief or the government. Death of higher ups or ancestors., or the parent. Passing service order (official order) of the state. Separation through the power of the State. Disbanding of an institution. Bankruptcy. One's activities hindered by authorities.
MAR JUP KRO Good fruits, fine accomplishments. Leadership through one's own fortunate activities. Happy activities lead to independence. Giver of money. Happiness through the government. Money through lawsuits. Asserting oneself with success. Sentence. Security police.
MAR JUP SAT KRO With death as a consequence.

24 January 2003

25 January 2003
Saturday Mars 2 Node
NOD MAR Working community. Connection through work or activities. Concerted action. Betrothal. Erotic Unions. Sexual union.

26 January 2003

27 January 2003

28 January 2003
Tuesday Mars 7 Vulcanus
MAR VUL Mighty activity. Energetic forces in action. Violence. Mechanical energies. Power. Muscular strength. Violent action. Exercise. Big effort.

29 January 2003
Wednesday Uranus 5 Vulcanus
URA VUL Explosions. Lightning. Thunderbolts. Fires. Sudden appearance of forces. Mighty tension. Enormous display of strength. Horsepower. Electric energies. Electrical high tension.

30 January 2003
Thursday Mars: 1 Poseidon 1 Cupido
MAR CUP POS Working, fighting, or combating with others for a certain ideology in economy, politics, or philosophy. The moral, mental or spiritual bond of the family, marriage, and art group or work partnership. Working together on moral matters. Concluding marriage for moral reasons. Marriages or associations resulting from like attitudes. Wedding anniversary celebrations.
Neptune 7 Pluto
NEP PLU Sneaking, unnoticeable transformation. Sneaking crisis. Unnoticed changes below the surface. Secrets. Changes which are not noticed externally, or only recognized in the future.

31 January 2003
Friday Mars 5 Aries

ARI MAR Working energy. Having courage. The general forces of nature.

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