Thursday, February 13, 2003

The Thursday Report
Special 3 Week Edition
Volume 1 Number 4
February 13 to March 5

The Thursday Report is a preview of the coming week's trends and activities using proprietary asymmetric prediction techniques. The Thursday Report regularly publishes on Tuesday and covers the period from Thursday to Wednesday.

The Thursday Report is published in sympathy with the overwhelming majority of good people who would rather live in this world in peace rather then take a chance on the next world as conceived by religious fundamentalists of both the eastern and the western varieties. As I write, the warren of jackals, increasingly rapacious at the prospect of drilling another hole in the near middle east and laying another pipe in the far middle east, --are well oiled and quivering in anticipation.

Peace, as always, stands in the way of empire as the idle "old money" ruling rich, for whom stealing oil from the middle east means not having to pay it's real market price, living instead in the fantasy world economy view of western patricians, refuse to listen to the shouts and pleas of the world's citizens and force the initial stealthy phases of war on Iraq following the Full Moon on Sunday 16 February 3:51PM PST. Tal Afar airfield/base will be the first hit 36 North 42.5 East. Mars and Pluto from the West and Saturn and Hades on the East and Zeus on the Midheaven at Tal Afar (just west of Mosel (Al Mawsil) to the north) in the Full Moon chart. Neptune and Jupiter connect into this providing an enormous amount of fuel to a horrific hellfire. My guess is that the attack will occur at sunrise in Baghdad which is 8 PM PST on the 16th which will allow the streets to clear following the demonstrations on the West Coast of the United States. News of the attack reaching demonstrators would create serious domestic civilian control issues. With Bush and Rumsfeld jumping up and down like beered-up frat boys waiting in a line outside a portajohn at a Bob Seeger concert in Indianapolis on the 4th July --there is no stopping them...They are ready to piss on the whole world while everybody watches.

The most violent period in this future sequence of events is the period from February 16-20 where death and destruction on the 20th of February will be particularly severe. March 1 begins a further incursion into Iraq with a new cycle of edicts centering on civil liberties in the Western World. The hypervolitile atmosphere created by the atrocities threaten unrest as the Europeans see that they are the easiest target for grieving victims bent upon revenge. Most world leaders who supported the Iraq war will go into hiding starting Monday, 3 March as the frustration of not being listened to takes it's toll and governments move to clamp down with martial law as we enter a garrison state, verging on totalitarianism. Those who have pushed this war for the benefit of their handlers will lose the joy of acclaim, destined to live out their lives in low places with low company, afraid to come outside. Never again able to walk outside in the light.

13 February 2003 Thursday

14 February 2003 Friday

15 February 2003 Saturday (dangers from government provocateurs at demonstrations today, Don't be fooled,-- STAY CENTERED)

16 February 2003 Sunday (dangers from government provocateurs at demonstrations today, Don't be fooled,-- STAY CENTERED)

SUN SAT NEP HAD ZEU Fire damage. Illuminating gas. Damage to steam engines.
MAR HAD ZEU End of the procreative activity. A soldier. Military service. War service. Death caused by machines, by auto, firearms (murder). Burned to death. Aggravated work through deficiencies. Lack of fuel. Ashes. Losses though warlike circumstances. Abortion. Death by fire or through serious injury. Suicide by firearms. End of holidays. Start of a new work. Very dangerous acute illness or bad injury. A deed born out of hate. Strikers (work). Target practice. Battle actions. Fires, conflagrations.
MAR NEP PLU  Reject plan. Secret plans. Work is never finished. Uncovering secret activity. Covert involvement. Destruction before completion. Plans which are not carried out. Plans aiming at destruction. Secret activities that are destructive. Insidious. Cunning actions. Working without planning, without using the head. An undertaking which has been rushed and set going without consideration. MAR NEP ZEU Explosive gas. Damage though exploding gases. Destruction by fire. Inherited blood diseases or impotency. Having to create something out of nothing or without assistance. Denial of creative energy. Infected offspring. Abortion. Loss by smoke. Smoke poisoning. concealed firearms. A shot from ambush. Energy or power produced by burning gas or liquids. Infections. MAR PLU ZEU Plan to provide work. Plans for increased production. War planning, work distribution. Planning and bringing about of energetic work. Doing several jobs at the same time. Bringing about changes by energetic work. Development in technique, especially with regard to firearms. Obligations of property owner. Duties of the parent. Chivalrous duty (do knightly service to a woman). Military duty. Rules of the house. Planning of house keeping. NEP PLU ZEU Secret orders. Keeping one's activities secret. Secret arming. Wasted efforts. Duties which are performed in vain. Unselfish work. Long-range work, not living to see the result. Increased accomplishments which are not noticeable on the surface. Working quietly in solitude. Performing one's duties quietly. Developing concealed weapons. MAR JUP NEP Promises fail to materialize. Betrothal slowly cooling off. Beautiful outer appearance, but inside foul. Activities with negative results. Worm-eaten fruits. Denials of betrothals. Misunderstandings. A hopeless relationship. Intentions are not executed. End of enjoyable activity. Pleasant involvement without success. Impotence, Miscarriages. Happiness combined with serious disappointments. Denials of happiness. Weak lungs. Loss of property.

(but someone will prosper...)

JUP NEP Material success. Sudden luck. Easily made money. Loss of money. Deceptions. Losses. Resolution. Lucky mood. Shortage of money. Money losses. "Easy come easy go." PLU ZEU  Duty bound. Increase in accomplishment. Increasing creative power, or its development. Starting something new. Attending to duty. Increase of duties. Increase of efforts. Transformations in the immediate vicinity.JUP PLU ZEU  Good circumstances continue to improve. Increase of charities. Successful increase of accomplishment. Joy and in one's work. Gladly accepted duties. Satisfaction out of performance of duty. JUP NEP ZEU Earnings of money through inventions. Patent lawyer. Working without success. Unexpected increase and prosperity. Productive oil wells. Luck in alcohol. JUP NEP PLU Beginning of a hidden fortunate development. Increase of possessions not noticed on the surface of things. MAR JUP ZEU Successful through knowing one's ability and accomplishments. Successful generation, creation or deed. Sure shot. Very confident that the correct decision has been made. Certain that the facts are correct. Luck through energetic working. Happy reproduction. Sexual intercourse with consequences. Enforced betrothal (morally). Enforcing the pay for the activities, for the work. MAR JUP PLU Inception of betrothal. Fortunate activity. Healthy growth. Several competitors. The plan is a success and brings good fortune and happiness. Planning successfully. The carrying out of fortunate plans.

17 February 2003 Monday
JUP APO Much money. High finance. Luck and happiness of many. Much happiness and grand joy. Luck and success in all peaceful enterprises. Fortune, success, honors. Good luck in science. Money through trades or law. Capital. Grand capital. The amount of money in circulation.

18 February 2003 Tuesday
(the nastier business begins)
MAR HAD  Dirty work. Forced to do something against better judgment. A serious act. Evil deed. Villainy, base action. Physical brutality. Attacks. Fatigue. Weariness. Atrocity. Vulgar acts. Causing damages. Base services. Creative servant. Slaves. Sudden attacks. Murder. Homicide. Unusual death. Serious sickness. Faulty or bad action.

19 February 2003 Wednesday
ARI MAR  Working energy. Having courage. The general forces of nature.

20 February 2003 Thursday
MAR SAT URA HAD  Death through injury.
SAT URA HAD Sudden separation through vulgarity and treachery. Losses because of violence. Suddenly meeting with an accident. Surprising money losses. Sudden demise after severe sickness. Responsibilities are taken care of in spite or neglect and procrastination. Separation or losses through murder, ugly, mean, and cunning.
MAR SAT URA Sudden actions which separate. Violent separation and death. Sudden death. Sudden stop or interruption of one's work. Violent separation. Amputation. Caesarian section. Sudden end through injury.
MAR SAT HAD Sickness or death through over exertion or privation. Unusual death. Activities conducted at a loss. Work without pay. Death by murder or suicide or by crushing. The health suffers through the work. Death as a result of long illness or by a weapon. Sad death. Exploited.
MAR URA HAD  Sudden mean deeds. Sudden damage or death by weapons or other objects. Attempted murder. Death through injuries. Vulgar acts. Sudden destruction. Murder and homicide. Death by accident. Excitement, or loss producing activities. War atrocities. Murder. Suicide.

21 February 2003 Friday
ARI NOD Generic connections found in public. Union of many persons. Many associations. Alliances.
SATURN  Restriction. Restraint. Hindrance. Separation. Loss. Solitude. The Roman god of agriculture and father (by Ops) of Jupiter : reality quotient, authority instincts, practicality, capacity to deal with limits, career drives, sense of responsibility, discipline and effort, status ambitions, urge to solidify and contract, wisdom of experience, discipline, and respect.
ARI NOD SAT Generic separation. Taking leave.

22 February 2003 Saturday

23 February 2003 Sunday

24 February 2003 Monday

25 February 2003 Tuesday
MAR VUL Mighty activity. Energetic forces in action. Violence. Mechanical energies. Power. Muscular strength. Violent action. Exercise. Big effort.

26 February 2003 Wednesday
ARI MAR  Working energy. Having courage. The general forces of nature.

27 February 2003 Thursday
MAR ADM  Special work. Narrowing of the field of activity. A specialist. Grave hindrances. End of an action. Terrorism. Very cold, being without heat. Oppression. Ruins. Stock market drop. Employment decreases. Throttling, suppression, rawness, crudeness, rocks, fragments, debris, wreckage.

28 February 2003 Friday
MAR POS  Acting according to knowledge and understanding. Mental or spiritual activity. Questions of right and wrong. Ethics. Mental activity. Value system. Morality. Moral behavior.

1 March 2003 Saturday
URA KRO  Events of the State. Governmental intervention. Ordered. Emphatic expressions. Authority appearing suddenly. The formula of enormous tension and collected power. Immense excitement. Sudden decrees of the government or chief.

2 March 2003 Sunday

3 March 2003 Monday
ARI KRO ADM Low ground. The valley. Big cracking, dividing, splitting. An authority for a few people. Deaths or difficulties among authority figures. Withdrawing from the public. People who join together to live in an odd way. People whose life style centers around the same idea. The overthrow of a government. One who is an authority for a few. Mountains. High altitudes around the world. NOD KRO ADM Official meeting with a few. Close connections with the chief or the authorities. Latent connections with authorities. Connection with dethroned persons. Bad contact with the authorities or the chief. The connection with leading persons, superiors, authorities is interrupted. Dealing with has-beens. government without power. Connected with persons who lead an odd life. Connected with odd characters. MAR KRO ADM  Receiving an unusual order. Decrease of work and duties to carry out a special commission. Leading activity in a small circle or special work. Acting independently under limited circumstances and physical space. Restricted independence. The state says "cease and desist". Heavy pressure applied by the state. Tyranny. NOD MAR ADM  Connected by fighting for freedom. Working together with a few. A participant in or witness to terrorist acts. Clique. Small working community. Working alone. Rejecting a working community or rejected by a joint stock company. Connected with strongly depressed or pessimistic persons. NOD MAR KRO  Meeting for critical activities. Blood relatives of the parent. Contacting the authorities through one's own activities. Taken into custody. Arrested. Connected with independently acting persons. Getting into touch with authorities. Using government help.

4 March 2003 Tuesday
MAR HAD VUL  Dangerous missions or assignments. Warlike activities. Murderous deeds. Dangerous force. Warlike energies. Controlled mechanical energies, management and supervision of same. Unjust and unfair treatment. Exposed to viciousness, meanness and hostility on account of an activity. Enormous destruction. Mighty acts of war. Rebelling against oppression.
HADES  Poverty. Baseness. The deteriorating powers of the past. Garbage. Dirt. Hesitation. Delay. Decomposition, defect, disintegration, analysis to the core components, clean up, antiques, artifacts, compost, and organic fertilizer. Zym "to ferment: catalyze. Enzymes. Lysozyme. Zymase. Zymology. Zymosis. Zymurgy. Hades is the invisible abode of the dead, the place of departed souls, the world of spirits. Want, waste, illness, secrets, antiquity, dark, secretive, past, shameful.

5 March 2003 Wednesday
MAR SAT  Interruption of work, periodic work. Activities leading to separation, or which are periodically interrupted. Funeral. Acute sicknesses or matters. Actions forcing separations and schisms. Deaths.

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