Monday, December 21, 2009

Lay off Howard Dean please!

Bill Boyarsky...What an idiot!

Bill just doesn’t seem to comprehend that the
Republicans intentionally forced every bit of crap
into this bill and took every bit of goodness out of
it to force its defeat in the eyes of the American
people while requiring the Congress to pass it so
that the Democrats can look like the short sighted
fools that they are in order to elect the Sarah Palin
- Glen Beck in 2012.

As this bill is written now your medicare money and
your social security check will be reduced to give
even more money to insurance executives in the terms
of wall street size bonuses. That’s what Dean saw;
and what any other moderately astute American needs
to be able to get their heads around. Most retired
Americans get a little over 500 a month in social
security. Then any federal indebtedness like student
loans and this public/private option swindle comes
out in 20% chunks from that 500. Most retired
Americans carrying these debts will have $325 a month
as their sole means of survival. With the TARP
giveaway inflationary effects (to be experienced in
reduced buying power and the already quickly rising
prices of food and consumables like gasoline that
$325 should be enough to fill your gas tank once and
get you two cases of beer from Liquor Store Larry and
some beef jerky. If you don’t believe that
conditions such as those will get Palin—Beck elected
then you had better stockpile canned food for your
retirement and live like the father and son in “The
Road”. Either way the Devil gets his due.

David Michael Green had a piece today in Counterpunch and had the
clearest picture of Obama yet:

““...I did not run for office to continue George
Bush’s valiant effort at shredding the Bill of
Rights. It’s just that those government-limiting
rules are so darned pesky.”

“...I did not run for office to dump a ton of
taxpayer money into the coffers of health insurance
companies. It’s just that they asked so nicely.”

“...I did not run for office to block equality for
gay Americans. I just never got around to doing
anything about it.”

“...I did not run for office to turn Afghanistan into
Vietnam. I just didn’t want to say no to all the
nice generals asking for more troops.”

Here’s a guy who was supposed to actually do
something with his presidency, and he’s turned into
the skinny little geek on Cell Block D who gets
passed around like a rag doll for the pleasure of all
the fellas with the tattoos there. He’s being punked
by John Boehner, for chrisakes. He’s being rolled by
the likes of Joe Lieberman. He calls a come-to-Jesus
meeting with Wall Street bank CEOs, and half of them
literally phone it in. Everyone from Bibi Netanyahu
to the Japanese prime minister to sundry Iranian
mullahs is stomping all over Mr. Happy.

And he doesn’t even seem to realize it.”

The evil of Obama's election with one lie following another like segments of a tapeworm are starting to get into the body politic and are eating the soul of the country from the inside out.

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