Thursday, December 24, 2009

Isrraeli Frankenstein's are exposed in a rare moment of clarity

!!! At long last after several years of personally attempting to get this information past the Zionist censors of Huffington Post, Truthdig, and Commondreams and countless other venues and into the public record, the vile and horrendous practice of killing Palestinian children for their organs is finally getting the curtain lifted just a little bit. There is still much, much more to this story extending to the murders and brutal injuries by flechette munitions in the Christmas Holocaust on Gaza last year and it requires much pressure from people here in the United States to make sure that the Israeli's are brought to account for these monstrously vile acts, and made to pay in profit and prison after war crimes tribunals. There is no way for American Jews to deny that their taxes and contributions to Madoff, Merkin and others funded these war crimes against humanity. It is time to balance the books. A great day for the truth to begin to emerge...

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