Friday, July 02, 2004

Saddam Location is Catalyst for Continued Revolutionary Actions

Saddam Location is Catalyst for Continued Revolutionary Actions

Saddam Hussein is a catalyst for revolution as long he is in the vicinity of Iraq. His locational chart for Baghdad indicates that he will always incite revolutionary activities as long as he is in Iraq. The Midheaven chart for Hussein for 28 April 1937 in Baghdad is one which insures unrest and instability as long as he is in the vicinity. If the car bombings are to stop he needs a change of latitude. Right now 33 degrees north is very bad for him and the Iraqi people and the American forces. If he was moved to the Hague or to London or to Oslo or Moscow or any place north this would allow Zeus to move off the local ascendant chart and into a neutral position. If Saddam Hussein is to remain in Iraq then there will be exceedingly violent counter-occupation activity to commence the 12th through 15th of July when transiting Mars conjuncts Saddam's radix Zeus and is opposed to transiting Neptune across the Baghdad horizon. There is nothing nice about this oil fire in the heat of the summer desert. As long as he is in Iraq he will be a lightning rod for the bolts of Zeus. It is essential for him to be removed from the vicinity and for it to be done quickly.

SUN NOD URA Involved suddenly in current events. Physical excitement through a relationship. Suddenly embroiled in something. Present at an accident. An unexpected meeting or connection with a person. Excited over a personal relationship.

URA ZEU ADM Dangerous fuels. Explosive raw materials. Rags and broken pieces through explosion. Surprising start of a difficult task. Enforcing the start of work in the face of grave obstacles. Suddenly starting and finishing a job. Surprising changes of circumstances and conditions.

URA NEP ZEU Revolutionary activities. Wanting to force a revolution. Gas and gasoline motors. Explosion of burnable gas. Thunderstorms. Unprotected. Exposed to the uproar of the elements. Sudden storms at sea. Dying through fire or automobiles. Gas explosion. A revolution which develops successfully. Car bombs.

SUN URA ZEU Days of important accomplishment. The person who concentrates and directs his thoughts and energies. One who insists in having their own way. Backing others suddenly. High blood pressure. Raging. Usurping leadership. The suddenly procreating person. Danger of burns. Explosions. The violent person. Sudden strong explosions on the day.

The other darker route for the United States occupying forces, and unfortunately much more likely with the coprolytic brains of the Bush Administration, is for a heart attack to be induced for him while he is in custody which is a distinct possibility due to the SUN URANUS conjunction which points toward a weakness for heart attacks generally. With the stresses of the current kangaroo trial scene, a heart attack could easily ensue without provocation. Regardless of how it works out, the disadvantages of this scenario would be martyrdom and endless war and revolution. No peace, plus destruction of the oil and the environment and the peaceful futures of the Iraqis and the other nations of the region. If Hussein dies in Iraq the Jihad will take firm root and will galvanize the middle east in opposition to the West. The planet will not recover from the damage and the rest of the world will spend the next 65 years putting out fires all over the earth.

...But then... this will raise mayhem and oil prices and Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld and Abraham and Baker and Powell and Rice and Ledeen and Lay will all make lots of money while weakening the meek even further and their pyrric victory will be assured...stop the election and emerge as lords and ladies of the flies and DU monstrosities. Welcome to the endarkening of planet Earth.

"Does it not, thinks't thee, stand me now upon-
He that hath kill'd my king, and whor'd my mother;
Popp'd in between th' election and my hopes;
Thrown out his angle for my proper life,
And with such coz'nage- is't not perfect conscience
To quit him with this arm? And is't not to be damn'd
To let this canker of our nature come in further evil?"

--Hamlet 5:2 lines 64-71

Mike Jordan

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