Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Presidential Ticket Comparisons for November

What will the two Presidential Tickets actually be like in Washington over the next four years and who looks like the winner?

Kerry 11 Dec 1943
SUN JUPITER VULCANUS Elevated health and virility of the body. Excellent health. Feeling of happiness through physical strength. Life is good. The days of the joys of life. The physical well being. Feeling healthy. The person who enjoys his health and the strength of his body.
SUN MOON VULCANUS Times when big things happen. Daily and hourly to experience executive power. Well functioning glands. The physical strength of a person. Demonstrating or applying physical strength in the public. Persons with executive power, and elicit public interest. The daily repeating forceful events. Being together daily with people of public interest and influence.

On election day: URANUS PLUTO VULCANUS Sudden surprising alteration. Locomotion. Leaping mutations. Explosive change starts suddenly. Mighty jumps ahead. A mighty development and change occurs with surprising suddenness. Powers set into motion. Kinetic energy. Material energy.
JUPITER PLUTO VULCANUS Fortunate changes and transformations starting with enormous force. Unusual luck begins to develop. Successful conversion into a power position. Financial growth.

(Planet cycles on election day) CUP ADMETOS VULCANUS Experiencing enormous obstacles and hindrances through the family or partner. Feeling suppressed through stringent conditions. Fighting or struggling hard for an artistic creation. Often forced to fight. Going to the bottom of things, descending to the source of things. Being alone, single. Working on an extraordinary artistic creation under pressure. Combating big obstacles, under pressure. Placed into a difficult state or hard trial by or due to an association. Artists experience immense hindrances.

Edwards June 10 1953
SUN ASC APOLLO Social gatherings with dignitaries and successful people. Many acquaintances are formed in the field of science or commerce. Meeting many people. Interacting with people of knowledge who have the answers. Relations with successful people perhaps enjoying their protection. Acquaintance with many with scientists and representatives of commerce and industry. Familiar to many by appearance. Honor and success through acquaintances.

SUN PLUTO APOLLO (election day) Days which bring widespread changes. Standing tall. Change in the body rhythm. A person experiences incisive changes in their daily life. Success develops consistently. Perseverance furthers. One has to strive for knowledge eagerly, and by working year in and year out. Growth in length. Unrestrained development. Days which bring large changes. Transformation in the bodily rhythm. The person who experiences incisive changes in his daily life. Success develops slowly, one has to strive for it. Gluttony.

(Planet cycles on election day)PLUTO KRONOS VULCANUS Mastery of a skill. Trial of abilities. Making oneself a head person. Mighty changes enforced. Mighty changes under grave hindrances. Changes, and development of the form of government. Reorganization of the state. Changes and transformations in relation to global powers.

Bush 6 July 1946 SUN ASC HADES Disgusted with unpleasant things and tied to them. Acquaintance with people who are ill. Dealing with the sick as a profession. Physician. Keeping secrets. Under professional discretion. Having difficulties through acquaintances or in general. Putting oneself in danger of bodily harm from others. Coming bodily in contact with dirt.

On 2 November 2004 the Moon enters into the mix:
SUN ASC MOON HADES Being fed up and disgusted with the place and the people.

(Planet cycles on November 2 2004) SUN SATURN CUPIDO The surviving husband. Obstacles to living together. Leaving a company of a family. The divorced person. Days on which one feels antisocial and does better by oneself. Separated from the family or a personal association. An unfaithful husband. Divorce. Wanting to be left alone.

(looks like Dick is going to step out of the fray, as this does not look like someone who just got re-elected, and health will likely be the reason)
Cheney 30 Jan 1941 JUPITER PLUTO ADMETOS Remaining calm in spite of lucky changes. Ignoring or denying lucky changes. A deep fortunate change commences. The fortunate change of destiny. A change in the direction of the life.

SUN NEPTUNE The medium. Physical relaxation. Delicate, sensitive body. The airplane. Dirigibles. Light air balloons. Gliders. Masses of water. Feebleness, sickness, lack of energy. Decay. Susceptible to infection and illness. Defenseless. Blood diseases. Infirmity. Uncertain times.

URANUS ADMETOS Accidents. Fissures. Cracks. Rags. Shreds. Accidents, separations by sudden breaks. To tear rags. Sudden rupture-like separation. Shock commotion. Destruction through convulsion. Earthquake. Breaking off. Breaking up. Breaking down. Tearing up. Murder.

Admetos and Uranus are still very prominent in Cheney's chart Admetos getting closer and this reads as an earthquake or a massive heart failure. Even with an electronic heart he will not be sufficiently safe from electromagnetic weaponry. If the secret government of intelligence has had enough of him which should be all but certain by now, Cheney will not be allowed to survive any additional executive term. The best thing for him is to go out to pasture in Wyoming and reflect upon his life that was wasted in hatred and racism and needless murder.

Election Day 2 November 2004 Washington DC

Looks like it is shaping up to be quite a battle with Edwards and Kerry not laying down after mean spirited challenges like Gore did in 2000. GWB will opt to hide in the shadows to have Cheney call in favors from the monied interests who pulled the strings in opposition to the electorate in 2000. Edwards will not go down quietly and even though the electorate is clearly in the Democratic column the Supreme Court will once again try to thwart the will of the people. This time the evil egos on the Supreme Court will not be able to muster a majority and Kerry/Edwards will have victory by Sunday the 7th of November. The question now is who might be the choice to replace Cheney on the public ticket while he continues to pull strings behind the curtain??


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