Thursday, April 22, 2004

The thoroughly mad militaristic messiah George W. Bush is taking his marching orders from Billy Graham's helmet headed morons and their thinking that now is that if they can't accept the social revolution which is sweeping the planet they will just go right ahead and destroy the whole planet to cover their cosmic tracks.

When asked by Bob Woodward how history would view his actions in Afghanistan and Iraq Bush shrugged and said "there is no way of knowing that, we will all be dead. "

When asked by Bob Woodward if he ever asked his father George H. W. Bush for his views or whether he solicited consultations from his father, little George said that his earth father George I was not the kind of father whom one could go to for counsel and instead saying that "only his father in heaven could provide the necessary directions and that his father in heaven was giving him the directions which he was dutifly carrying out."

Also on board is John Ashcroft daily stoking the fire of the rapture with daily prayer meetings in the Hall of Justice every day.

We are living out the mad nightmare of the puritans. Nero has returned to earth in the form of George II.
How do we end this madness?

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