Monday, March 29, 2004

RE: The Bush administration and September 11: the implications of
Richard Clarke’s revelations By Patrick Martin 29 March 2004

Patrick Martin is correct in his analysis of the Bush Administration taking the hit intentionally. A careful analysis of the structural changes which took place in the Bush Administration immediately upon taking office specifically in taking Richard Clarke out of the top tier of "principals" and placing him and his counter terrorist group under Stephen Hadley, a second tier "deputy" placed Clarke in a place where his work product could not be seen. This manipulation of the chain of command created the plausible deniability scheme necessary for the Bush principals who were obviously working to invite and encourage and abet and tutor and facilitate the work of the bin Ladens. In the final analysis the Bush interests and the bin Laden interests coordinated the attack with the goal of providing cover for the destabilization of both Iraq and Saudi Arabia.
Training the pilots while the DIA, CIA and FBI mentored and kept each others zealots from exposing Operation Gemini. FBI agents are documented as monitoring highjackers in southern California with at least one agent documented as rooming with one of the highjackers. The invisible hand helps and guides the highjackers toward the Twin Towers...

From giving agents of the highjackers access to the planes to plant weapons under the seats prior to the highjacking through Caterair a Bush company...inside access coming through the Bush family connection... standing down the NORAD pilots...shooting down the plane in Pennsylvania instead of escorting it to ground so as to destroy the evidence as to who and what was on the plane...

This entire affair Operation Gemini was an inside job. The mastermind was inside and remains inside the US government/defense contracting matrix. No fool could ever believe that a young man like Osama bin Laden or any of those in his entourage could ever have any influence to make this project come off. Similarly, Bush II is too mud fence stupid to carry it off if he knew the real plan so it is safe to assume that he has credible deniability in his role. This takes the planning well above Bush II and into those surrounding and including Bush I. Cheney, Lay, Baker, The Hunt Family, Scaife, Olin, The Halliburton Family are places to start looking. Probably this type of project is what is born while Rumsfeld, Powell, and Cheney are in the Bohemian Grove passing around young boys in the summertime powerfest in northern California. A look at the guest list for the Bohemian Grove for the years 1998, 1999, 2000 should provide a clue as to who needs to be torn apart by tractors.
Mike Jordan

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