Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Gephardt for President? NO!

WHY? Gephardt (1/31/1931St Louis, MO) and the selling out of world peace.

Gephardt's destiny is easily distinguishable on his face in the photo with GWB. Born to lose. He would be the worst possible candidate for president in 2004. There has been a tremendous amount of speculation as to why Richard Gephardt gave up the ghost of respectability and sold out the world to greed and corrupt Bush philosophy. The answer was and is,- that it was his destiny to give up and capitulate. I offer the Signature at his birth:

HAD VUL POS Having a guilty conscience. Depressed through ruling world outlook. Having a lack of self-confidence, pride, honor, and dignity. Conscious of one's isolated and exceptional position. Becoming very noted or notorious. Experiencing refusal and rejection in a special position. Meditation on the past. The one who is despised, undignified or dishonorable.

Gephardt is resigned to this position in the cosmic scheme of things. It was supposed to be this way.

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Mike Jordan