Friday, October 28, 2011

Lines Drawn: Difficult weekend with Hades and Zeus Sunday 30th Oct

Not a great time for a revolutionary act but it never really is.

hades zeus

Grave viciousness. Destruction by fire. Burns. War atrocities. Villainous, mean trick. Industry. Lack of coal. Strike. Lockout. Destructive fire. Outbreak of hate. Causing a disaster. Incendiary. Idleness and vice. Unable to pursue one's objective. Lack of purposeful behavior. Prevented to act, paralyzed (in respect to action). Compelled toward inaction. Cramp (to restrain or confine the action of as with a cramp).  Crimp.  Cuffing.  Kettling. 

Last conjunction heliocentric: 10 August 780;  284° 14' (14 Capricorn 14)

Next conjunction heliocentric: 31 Dec 2510; 235° 17' (25 Scorpio 17)

MARS HADES ZEUS End of the procreative activity. A soldier. Military service. War service. Death caused by machines, by auto, firearms (murder). Burned to death. Aggravated work through deficiencies. Lack of fuel. Ashes. Losses though warlike circumstances. Abortion. Death by fire or through serious injury. Suicide by firearms. End of holidays. Start of a new work. Very dangerous acute illness or bad injury. A deed born out of hate. Strikers (work). Target practice. Battle actions. Fires, conflagrations.

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