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Schumer Plans Bill On Resale Of Concert, Sports Tickets

Anything to take the attention away from his Gaza Holocaust support.

Ezra Merkin Charged With Fraud

Talmudic orthodoxy strikes again.

Obama Notre Dame Speech: Cardinal George Rips Invitation As An 'Extreme Embarrassment' To Catholics (VIDEO)

It is the religion which is an embarrassment, not the people whom it dupes. And not just this religion but every single one of them. We need to achieve a post religionist society where Football is king once again on Sunday and Saturday, and people are too busy doing good works to waste time on their knees six times a day. Wake up primitive cultures of the world and toss off your chains of GOD. Be free to think.

Norm Coleman's a Sore Loser, Why Won't The Press Say So?

Harry "Sluggo" Reid is blocking Franken being seated and should be run out of Washington for being a toad.

Marijuana No Laughing Matter, Mr. President

Incarceration expense exceeds $35,000 dollars per detainee per year. Ruined lives for giggles. Now there is absurdity of scale for you.

Marijuana No Laughing Matter, Mr. President

You really do look on the bright side of life. I like that.

Marijuana No Laughing Matter, Mr. President

You are really uninformed to suggest that the military which runs on illegal drugs would attack Obama because he advocated MJ legalization. That is the most absurd notion I have heard this afternoon.

Marijuana No Laughing Matter, Mr. President

I'm thinking that the reason Obama likes Lincoln rather than Washington is that George Washington grew pot for smoking and BHO is playing safe. What a meatball position to take.

Marijuana No Laughing Matter, Mr. President

He is the president. 70% of the population sees nothing wrong with pot. That is the political capital he will LOSE if he continues on this reckless path to prevent legalization of MJ. The only opposition of substance to this substance being legalized is specifically the illegal drug trade which wants it to remain illegal. They don't even vote. Obama loses nothing by embracing legalization except the brain-dead starch-diet Midwestern minority who couldn't think clearly if their freedom depended upon it. Face this squarely: The economy does not improve no matter what they try because it is based upon military expenditures to assist the empire in conquering the world. Doomed to failure. Give me some legal pot to ease the pain of centuries of mismanagement and stop plugging the rightwing madness.

Andrew Sullivan: Obama's Pot Answer "Pathetic"

Cuban Cigars and Acapulco Gold deserve to be right alongside everything else in the corner liquor store. This is just the same kowtowing to the loud and threatening Christian minority which stifles progress. We must learn to stand up to these bleeding heart conservatives.

Reid: Justice Roberts Lied To Us

So Harry has been lied to...well, well, Sluggo! I would certainly like to know what YOU said when you said you were going to LEAD the Democrats in the Senate and they put you into this position which you have disgraced every single day you have been in charge. You and Nancy need to step down and let a few real democrats take the helm. Sen. Jim Webb would be nice to replace you and how about Rep. Barney Frank for Nancy's disgraced position? And for heavens sake we don't need moderates,-- we need progressives in the Supreme Court on the order of William O' Douglas. Real men and women! Please stop sucking up to the Republican money changers in the temple of power and get a back bone !!!!!!!!!

Andrew Sullivan: Obama's Pot Answer "Pathetic"

Answering the question in the affirmative to legalize it would have been the proper response by the president. Having Robb Gibbs say a few hours later that Obama does not favor legalization indicates that he is weaseling again from the campaign position and he is moving even further to the right. He told McCain that essentially he could chew gum, smoke and walk at the same time. He needs to get back to that position post haste. A lot of us are starting to feel betrayed and have been waiting since 1937 to have this silly pot law reversed. The "ultra conservative right wing" you note is opposing him on anything he proposes, so an economically fortunate reversal of outdated pot law baloney is a good thing which would have the added benefit of giving him even more points in his current 63% approval rating and would lessen the depression in the street both financially and spiritually, marginalize hard drugs even further to the edges of society, and provide a basis for a trusting dialog regarding where Obama is taking the country. The legalization of pot is a valid economic avenue and needs to get more traction and respect than some are willing to allow. Light(en) up...elsie

Chris Dodd's Fortune Interview: "I'm Trying To Save Capitalism"

A clean slate is the best plan.

Chris Dodd's Fortune Interview: "I'm Trying To Save Capitalism"

Harry Reid says what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas...

Andrew Sullivan: Obama's Pot Answer "Pathetic"

More important than the economy? More important than sending troops to the border? More important than ruining lives with laws designed to create victims where there were none before? More important than spending money to prevent people from getting medicine they need?

Reid Knocks Liberals -- And "Centrists"

Harry "Sluggo" Reid is a traitor to the cause of Democrats and should be immediately removed as leader of the Senate. He is working night and day to prevent the most progressive elements of the Obama budget from moving forward. He stalled and prevented the impeachment of Bush along with Pelosi and for that obstructionism he should be removed. He is a darling of the gaming interests and uninterested in populist government. He is just pumping the Las Vegas organized crime machine by selling out to lukewarm GOP swill merchants and not allowing the filibuster process to work. Obama is going to have to get rid of both Nancy and Sluggo if he wants to get re-elected. We need strong Democratic leadership in the House and the Senate.

GOP Push Seen As Attack On Michelle Obama

Right... Michelle is the GOP's surrogate Hillary. If you are surprised you must be too young to be blogging here.

Obama Takes Pot Legalization Question During Townhall (VIDEO)

You are right but powerful elites in the legal professions and legal support are getting filthy rich solely because these victim creating laws make millionaires out of dirty lawyers, dirty judges, dirty politicians, dirty prison guard unions, dirty dealers, dirty smugglers, dirty probation officers, and dirty cops, and dirty private jail contractors. And then add on to that the the private and public militia elements in the United States and Mexico and their armies and national guards and you are talking about real money.

David Letterman: Top 10 Reasons I Got Married (VIDEO)

I like Letterman but in this whole affair, and especially the announcement that he was having a child, I have been hugely disappointed at Dave. He has never mentioned love or convenience or affection or responsibility or anything which motivates nice folks to marry or acknowledge their children. He has treated his wife terribly and carried on with other women on his show without regard for Ms. Lasko/Letterman's feelings. His silence on her for the five years of his son's life is shameful. We often see his mother on the show but never hear of his father. I would like to know what is the root cause of his unfeeling treatment of her for so long and how it fits in to the pattern of tacit abuse he has heaped upon her for so long. It has certainly gone beyond the need for privacy. I find this top 10 list unfunny. Does he really think this is some sort of macho display? Am I the only one who thinks like this? (moderator, please don't dump my post for taking a controversial position for I would like to hear the consensus views of the community) I need to know how far out of touch I am.

David Letterman Wedding Details Revealed

Stop thinking about divorce Julia Roberts...

Take the Steering Wheel out of Geithner's Hands

I don't think these government types want to do anything else than play the current gyrations in the stock market. The transparency is between their ears. And that includes the president.

Kucinich To Investigate "Executive Assassination Ring"

Thanks Dennis. What a great guy!

New York Times Defends Not Covering Chas Freeman Story

The Israel Lobby ended America. The creation of Israel was the ultimate anti semitic act. We have been on life support since May 15, 1948.

Obama Education Plan Speech: Stricter Standards, Charter Schools, Merit Pay

I;m having a Rush, Rush, Rush, Rush, Rush,Rush, Rush, Rush, Rush, Rush,Rush, Rush, Rush, Rush, Rush, feeling about you and I think it is entirely out of place here. You need to find a conservative forum to spout these incendiary judgments on education. This is for adults, only!! Did you not see the sign at the door?

posted Mar 10, 2009 at 23:13:08

Obama Education Plan Speech: Stricter Standards, Charter Schools, Merit Pay

You need to get out more! and learn how to relate hon!! For poor public school students ...normal students confused by their parents racial animosities being lived out in their lives. Being encouraged to fight their way out of the Iron Triangle in Richmond, CA. Race war. Mean (really mean) cops. Homicides all the time. Drug wars in the neighborhood, drive-bys. More than a K-3 Special Ed Student can possibly be expected to comprehend. Grow up fast. Get tough. Feel bad when you overstep your toughness and hurt somebody. Wounds take a long time to heal. There is that bully who hits you all the time and looks for you on the playground, sits behind you and kicks your chair...Dad loses his job and beats you and you start to withdraw into a place you will never leave...Teacher asks you about the bruise and is required to bring it to the child protective when Dad gets mad he talks about the teacher and draws you into the spiral of hatred...things get worse...until Dad leaves go to prison... Then an embarrassed single mom emerges and attacks the school when she is actually scared to death over her prospects. I got a lot more, --can you handle it??

posted Mar 10, 2009 at 19:52:55

Obama Education Plan Speech: Stricter Standards, Charter Schools, Merit Pay

Obama If you think teaching is so easy, try it: You wake up at 5 in the morning, work on administrative chores until you catch the bus at 6:30am, arrive at school, pick up the lunches, then get the kids off the bus and in their seats by 9:00Am to lead the pledge under a picture of the President. Then it is teachable moments in block time and always an extra meeting to squeeze in so you always miss your 20 minute lunch. and then kids are on the bus or waiting in your classroom after class ends at 2:40 and it is 3PM before you have time to go to the bathroom. You are used to this however and never drink water during the day. Dehydration and kidney stones down the road for you but you don't have time now to worry because there is a teacher's meeting until 3:30PM and a parent is coming by for a visit. You finally get a bus back home miss one connection but make another and wolf down some food and it is 6:45PM. Then it is grade papers, post benchmarks to the database and develop a powerpoint presentation for the Easter/Spring program. It is now time for the 10 o'clock news and then Letterman and hope you are able to fall asleep within the hour because it starts again at 5AM. It has been this way for over 20 years. Public school. Down and dirty.

posted Mar 10, 2009 at 17:00:07

Geithner Briefs Dems: "We're Doing In Weeks What Countries Did In Years"

The son of "shovel ready" ...this "stool leg" metaphor is really getting shopworn and seems to suggest symbolically that they are all ready to sit down instead of hustle. Don't any of these people read George Lakoff?

posted Mar 10, 2009 at 14:54:09

Tim Geithner, CNBC, and the Second Coming of Known Unknowns

Nationalizing the banks permanently, just benefits'll never happen, --or at least never until the next constitutional convention.!!

posted Mar 09, 2009 at 16:28:13

Tim Geithner, CNBC, and the Second Coming of Known Unknowns

In the end only bankers and brokers who bankrolled the Democrats in Denver at the Demo Convention like Warren Buffett will be able to afford the ruined banks and insurance companies. The "wizard of Omaha" who runs his own Ponzi scheme with Berkshire Hathaway, will get even cheaper prices than he got in November from Bush. The longer they stall and fret over "plans" and potential filibusters and the whole load that represents, --the more worthless the banks become. They can be had for next to nothing. Then the bankers who bailed themselves out first and left investors holding the bag can dump the chump stock holders and get what amounts to a buyback of all their original holdings in the manner a legitimate company buys its own stock to reduce share holder equity. As they fiddle, Rome burns, things get cheaper. At this rate they will own the banks outright before Thanksgiving, and not have to fret about stockholders rights at all. There won't BE any stockholders! As Enron reminds us, they view themselves as the dark side.

posted Mar 09, 2009 at 16:13:46

Rush Limbaugh: Icon of Anti-Morality

Knowledge is liberal in nature. Engineering is conservative.

posted Mar 09, 2009 at 15:19:29

Michael Jackson's Disturbing Poem

Jacko is certainly creepy. I was hoping he would just go away. Now here I am writing about him when I would rather be plowing in the warm dirt of my garden. Even a simple task as breaking the soil is made creepily profane in his midst. Please don't write about him again and I will do the same.

posted Mar 09, 2009 at 14:58:52

Dean Allies Suspicious Of Surgeon General Leaks, See Politics At Play

It is not to say that we were not warned but then, actually, we should have noticed the signs. The enormous Denver Convention with its records of corporate underwriting... It was the first time in a long time that the Democrats knew they were going to win and so they took bags of corporate largesse home with them. Every one of them lined their jacket pockets with zip lock bags and gorged themselves on the sweetmeats of capitalism dying in August. They took in a lot of money. Made a lot of promises to get more money and now the paybacks are expected. Somebody should have told Blago that he was the wrong type of Catholic. I bet he was a personal payoff of Rahm Emmanuel. Blago probably gave him some of his untutored Chicago tongue and wanted more than Rahm wanted to pay...

posted Mar 09, 2009 at 14:49:43

Former Merrill Execs Invested In Madoff Funds

A Tootsie Pop! for the "Uncle Bernies" of Wall Street Thorough disgorgement of all the money including his entire business and assets and those he has sequestered with his family. Complete financial evisceration and ruination. And then to be sure that this never happens again he needs to have both arms CUT OFF at the shoulder; shoulders dipped in Kosher salt, and then be placed in a bullet proof see-through display for a year at the intersection of Broad and Wall. People should be allowed to spit upon this abominable prototypic inhuman monster and should be allowed to view his live humiliation on the internet. Capital punishment is too quick and humane for such "men". There are other possibilities in Tod Browning's "Freaks".

posted Jan 30, 2009 at 13:46:02

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