Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Madoff to get glass slippers and a golden coach for punishment.

Politics! Politics! Politics! The Israel Lobby>> Rahm Emmanuel>> Jack Abramoff>> Susan Ralston>>Harriet Myers>>Karl Rove>>Andrew Card>> Karen Hughes>>Netanyahoo>>Ariel Sharon>> George W. Bush >>>>>>Bernie Madoff. None of this is going to be investigated because Bernie Madoff was the National Treasurer of the American Jewish Congress which sends funds to the World Jewish Congress located in Geneva which is the "diplomatic arm of the Jewish people". Geneva is the home of the UBS United Bank of Switzerland which is the most important large bank on earth and holds the secret accounts of all of the worlds' thieves. Bernie's missing money is likely at UBS except for the chump change $47 Million dollars his wife kept. All of these people have been working together to make sure that Israel never runs out of bombs and bullets and Bernie Madoff and Jack Abramoff made sure during the Bush administration that the ocean of money stolen went mostly to Israel and what did not is still in Geneva in secret numbered Swiss bank accounts until it is drawn against to buy tanks to kill Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese by the Israeli government. This is the way the world works, pure and simple. 

These folks never seem to have enough money but now Bernie only has to give the numbers to Ehud Olmert... The World Jewish Congress is actually active in helping Geneva keep the accounts and their contents secret against the claims of the US Internal Revenue Service which recently won a judgment of allowing the US Treasury to recover $750 million dollars in February. The IRS knows there is more there but the only way that would happen is if we were to invade Switzerland. The legal battles take years and none of this will be worked out until Obama's daughters graduate from college. At least the Israelis are happy to be insulated protected from a Democrat US president who traditionally tends to feel some sympathy for the Palestinians. With Emmanuel working for the POTUS this is somewhat cloudy but Ehud Olmert and Shimon Peres can rest assured that this Democratic administration will not do anything to make Israel stop the killing and the maiming. Hillary is just pretending to have some sympathy for the Gaza victims right now but she certainly remembers who brought her to the dance in the US Senate from New York so I wouldn't count on her to weigh in. Money! Money! Money!

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