Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Strange Prophets

Invading Palestine and USA

If Hitler had been successful the Palestinians would not have been killed by Jews who survived Hitler only to go on and kill millions of Arabs after the war up until the present day. Hitler was obviously on to something about Jews that was ignored at the expense of Palestinians and Lebanese. It is not lost on Arabs

It is time to stop supporting Jews in the United States like dear uncle Bernie Madoff and his clients who are without the capacity of love and instead steal from everyone in sight and then send the money to Israel to kill Arabs. The interesting dynamic of Jews here in the United States is that they use their money to bribe the Congress to give money to Israel then Israel gives the money to Jews in America through AIPAC allowing them to dominate the political and mercantile landscape. Then through AIPAC they bribe Congress again and then more money goes to Israel. The non-Jews in America are robbed by Jews in this way year after year. The Jews have become the dominant financial force through this annual cycle of greed and stealing. Americans are being bled bone dry by these literal blood-sucking leeches.

How much money did you get from Israel this year? How did your family get filthy rich? How many of your dull children and relatives are planning to take that American taxpayer money you stole in order to live in a West Bank settlement in Palestine and on the outskirts of Gaza and kill Palestinians in their own lands. You and your ilk disgust me. If you want to save your worthless soul, renounce Abraham and enter the brotherhood of men on planet Earth. The Thirteenth Tribe has been an invading and occupying force in Palestine since they slithered out of the Khazar steppe region at the base of the Urals. Your kind have been stealing and killing and lying about your origins for several millennia. You seem to think that you are "the chosen people" and that everybody else is just some rube to be fleeced. You invented usury and the credit default swap in order to take, take, take. It is really fortunate that you don't have love or compassion in your genes otherwise you would all have died of shame many,many centuries ago.

Moving on from the Jewish invasion of Palestine to the newer Mexican invasion of the United States. The “self-hating liberal” accepting attitudes of the immigrant invasion will hopefully cave-in when Central American miliary tuberculosis, tuberculosis meningitis, and the H5N1 to H5N7 avian flu variations provide wave after wave of epidemics from which we have no protection. In Richmond, California where I live and occasionally teach, students entering schools are given PPD tests for tuberculosis but the illegals who jump the border do not take the test and their infection rate is 30% positive. These folks have zero consciousness on health issues and are uneducated on matters of public health. 

An ESL magnet school nearby has a faculty of 30; and 23 have contracted a strain of avian flu from the students. The students are traveling back and forth to Mexico all the time and getting reinfected and are not being tested upon reentry. Nearly every immigrant household harbors one to several illegal border crossers who are not tested for anything and who in turn infect their sequestering saviors. The children are then exposed to TB and H5N and they go to school and infect everyone they come in contact with on the bus and in the classroom and lunchroom. Hence there is a flu epidemic with no available public health program to meet the threat. Out of those 23 teachers who have the flu only two have kicked it. The rest think it will just go away. It doesn’t, it progresses to pneumonia and fills the lung cavity with fluid. How many people did you see today who are coughing quietly while driving their bus or riding their bus? You can spend a few hours out in Richmond and see the coughing dozens of times. You ask these legal American folks if they had flu shots and they say “yes”. But they are sick and can only be treated by antibiotics and think that they have a “cold”. 95% of colds are allergies but these diseases began before the pollen season began.

There is a new tuberculosis which has attached itself to Mexican cattle and is being transmitted by Mexican “bathtub” queso fresco (fresh cheese). This tuberculosis has the ability to cross infect from one species to another. Pork is also a new avenue for infection with the disease and the biological similarity of the human and the pig makes this even more problematic. American citizens are now being asked to house and feed and clothe and care for the Mexican poor as they are being forced out of Mexico by the government. And their Mexican propaganda machine is running 24-7 accusing American citizens who object, -of racism. What is really occurring is that America is now the human dumping ground of the hemisphere taking the overflow for the patrician governments and elites of the world; -just like the Brits cleaned out their country and prisons and sent them on ships to America to get rid of their problems. Except for the pre-Columbian native Americans, nearly everybody got here the same way. 

The cycle needs to stop now. We need to demand the rest of the world take complete responsibility for their ineffective public health programs and not allow them to send any more of their tired, poor, and sick to the United States. The first solution to this problem is population control through education and strong borders. When you add in the effects of Mexican heroin and cocaine from Central America the conclusion is inescapable if our families are to survive, we have to “just say no” to all Central American immigrants. Mow your own damn grass. Take care of your own kids. Clean your own house and stop being a stranger to honest hard work.

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