Friday, January 30, 2009

A Tootsie Pop! for the "Uncle Bernies" of Wall Street

Thorough disgorgement of all the money including his entire business and assets and those he has sequestered with his family.  Complete financial evisceration and ruination.  

And then to be sure that this never happens again he needs to have both arms CUT OFF at the shoulder; shoulders dipped in Kosher salt, and then be placed in a bullet proof see-through display for a year at the intersection of Broad and Wall.  People should be allowed to spit upon this abominable prototypic inhuman monster and should be allowed to view his live humiliation on the internet.  Capital punishment is too quick and humane for such  a "mensch".  

There are other possibilities in Tod Browning's "Freaks". 

Mic Jordan

" without lively imagination are needed to execute policies without imagination devised by an elite without imagination..." (Republican view)

Imaginative people are needed to execute imaginative policies devised by the imaginative elite. (Democratic view)

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