Thursday, January 08, 2009

too many children being born to geographic hot zones.

Lack of understanding and the will to control the population; misplaced "macho"; --and cruelty to women are the real cause of Middle East tensions. They can't feed their rapidly increasing numbers of starving children because they can't get out of bed long enough to keep from making more little hungry and starving children.  

The relativity of these observations seems to suggest that when such diverse views of parental/societal responsibility are forced to live side by side in a totally unnatural manner such as the indigenous Arabs and the incursive Israelis, --fatalities ensue.  Not only do bordering states with differing population structures spell trouble but they also provide a relief valve for the results of poor (or nonexistent) population management.  

Population Pyramid for Gaza Strip: 2009Population Pyramid for Israel: 2009

Population Pyramid for Mexico: 2009

Population Pyramid for United States: 2009

Population Pyramid for Canada: 2009

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