Friday, December 16, 2005

Christmas Predictions for Bush

Is the Hammer tapping on George?

Just after Bush:
1. Vice President of the United States - Dick Cheney, not looking too strong nowadays,
2. Speaker of the House - Denny Hastert (out if he gets indicted; and if Delay skates he moves here). Hence the (p)resident makes a statement on the 15th of December 2005 that Tom DeLay is innocent of any wrongdoing in the redistricting of Texas and the laundering of campaign fund contributions. Thanks for clearing that up George, was he actually taking orders from you? Lemme see now, you pardon Tom if he can't get out on his own and then after you throw Cheney to the lions with the help of Henry Gonzales, Tom takes Dick's number two post and then if you get indicted George then Tom returns the favor by pardoning you! Will Tom save you from the guillotine? Should he? Talk about a gamble...

Next year's future:
madman at the helm ! Hell bent strongman Bush steers mankind toward the Rapture!

It is not a light wieght year, but certainly most interesting times. An in-depth understanding of evil awaits us as George W. Bush and Tony Blair take the world’s citizens on a tour of the hell they blithely create to sell small arms and nuclear armaments through their Carlyle Group. We find that The President is more determined than ever to stay the course fueling resistance to empire by means of low intensity and all-out war which is the front end of the family business for the last 300 years.
C ontent in the illusive world of religious idealism feigning innocence, and thumping a Bible Bush lectures that “People will suffer and die... Armageddon approaches... none of us will be alive after the Rapture... sinners will fall to the Devil and I’ll be in heaven with my Lord. I’m a facilitator of the Judgement Day. Nuke them all and let God sort them out.”

Very interesting to note the character and circumstance of the opening winter solstice angle of Pluto 2 Hades starting the year with a deepening depression from the (P)resident on down. A desperate White House resident, Bush swings madly from arrogance to insipid morbidity. This year marks the 299th anniversary of the British Isles. In 1707, England and Scotland merged together to become Great Britain in The Act Of Union. That year was marked by the last conjunction of Pluto and Hades. The cycle is a rather long one with the next ocurring on 30 July 2471. So having missed the last but having a ringside seat for this opposition, I am looking to the English Empire having its defining moment and that we shall witness a truly remarkable event as the English speaking world gets to experience real deep divisive destructive dissolution in the crisis of ideals where there are no compromises. The dangerous, destructive, and despicable actions of the British and US governments under the direction of the arms dealing ‘3 Musketeers’ Bush, Bush, and Blair to whip -up an evil immoral war to grease the coffers of the trans-global arms manufacturing which the three actively and aggressively represent; well, who’d a thunk? The last time that Pluto and Hades had an opposition was in 1247 the year of the death of Robin Hood and also the year Jerusalem (under the rule of the 5th Crusade) fell to the Khorezmians from the modern Uzbekistan area. Interesting that this was the date that the Christians were chased out of Jerusalem.

12/21/2005 Pluto Hades
An evil change. Increasing poverty. Growing sorrow. Decadence. Unreliable. Failure to act. Dishonesty. On the decline. The situation or condition worsens.

12/25/2005 Mars Cupido
Establishing married life. Active in a community. Artistic activities. Marriage intentions. Working artist. Work partnership.

1/8/2006 Zeus S/R
Leadership. Direction. Irresistible force. Compulsive behavior. Nearness, the immediate present. Directed energy, targets and goals, ambition, creation, projection. Aim. The king of the gods and husband of Hera. Fire, reproduction, creation, fiery, creative.

1/15/2006 Mars Jupiter
Joy of work. Fortunate acts or accomplishments. Lucky Deed. Joyous happenings. Betrothal. Fortunate deed. Creating something. Production. Propagation. Pregnancy. Generation. Children. Fruits and births.

1/20/2006 Mars Hades Pluto
Worthless plans, which cannot be brought about, and are out of date. Sinking into a serving condition. Failure caused by heavy duties. Slackening of service caused by overwork. Corrupt and degenerate and devilish plans and manipulations.

1/22/2006 Apollon S/R
Experience. Success. Glory. Peace. Trade. Commerce. Science. Expansion. Far and wide. Expansiveness, width, many, spreading out, multiplication, specialization. Apollo is the Greek and Roman god of sunlight, prophecy, music and poetry. "lots of", progressive, abundance.

1/31/2006 Jupiter Poseidon
Wisdom. Intelligence. Reason. Right. Understanding. Common sense. Instinct. Insight. Intelligence. Conscience. Mental happiness. Justice.

2/1-3/2006 Mars Admetos Poseidon
Courses of instruction with only a few participants, part of it, active or passive. Activity connected with education or training. Culture or education in a special field. Mental submission. Mental suppression. Suppression of spiritual liberty.

2/4-5/2006 Mars Kronos Admetos
Receiving an unusual order. Decrease of work and duties to carry out a special commission. Leading activity in a small circle or special work. Acting independently under limited circumstances and physical space. Restricted independence. The state says "cease and desist". Heavy pressure applied by the state. Tyranny.

3/4-7/2006 Jupiter Hades
Clouded happiness. Lack of money or money losses. Poverty. Baseness. Dirty financial transactions. Bargaining. Saddened, disturbed or hidden happiness. Lucky with raw materials, old materials, junk, or black market.

3/13-14/2006 Mars Cupido
Establishing married life. Active in a community. Artistic activities. Marriage intentions. Working artist. Work partnership.

3/16/2006 Pluto Hades Kronos
The incompetent chief or boss. Failure of leadership. Incompetent government. Growing dissatisfaction with the government. A bad relationship with the chief or with the government. Meanness and treachery usher in evil changes. Immense wicked deeds are developed. The growing gigantic evil. Large failure.

--Michael Jordan copyright 12-16-2005

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