Thursday, September 09, 2004

Laura Bush Feedback

Here is the feedback from the chart and biography of Laura Bush .

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Post Michael Jordan 9/9/2004
The premise is flawed due to the suppression of the truth surrounding Laura Bush's slaying of her boyfriend by crushing him in his car by ramming her car into his rear end at a high speed intentionally thus crushing his chest cavity collapsing both lungs with the steering wheel and column. A horrible way to die and certainly something she should have been imprisoned for life. The Uranian planet Admetos and Mars have Saturn at their midpoint and Jupiter Square the midpoint. I interpret this as both the deed and the use of privilege to keep her from receiving the justice she deserved. In addition the Venus and Neptune septile point out her well documented substance abuse with alcohol and cigarettes which she does around George. Mercury and Zeus also lend her a very sharp mind and possibly tongue which keeps George in line. The twins seem to mirror this aspect which would have them both growing up in an environment of constant arguing sniping and blame games which plague the George even now. This is the clue to their alcohol problems.

Mike Jordan

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