Monday, May 24, 2004

Now you're talking! It's about time!

"The guards who tortured prisoners are faced with a year in prison. Well, great. A year for destroying our reputation as decent people.

I don't want them in prison, anyway. We shouldn't have to feed them. Take away their right to call themselves American - that's what I’d do. You aren't one of us. Get out. We don't want you. Find yourself another country or a desert island somewhere. If the order came from someone higher up, take him with you." Andy Rooney, 60 minutes 23 May 2004.

It is a source of great pride in real American values to see an agreement encompassing the generations of those of us who fought for our country's real needs. I am in full agreement about the proper dispensation of torturers whether in American or Nazi. Thank you Mr. Rooney from another veteran of another war.

"Inadequate and immoral men and women desiring dominance may be attracted to fields such as corrections and interrogations, where they can be in absolute control over others" -Colonel Henry Nelson commenting upon Charles Graner and Ivan "Chip" Frederick, "both had experience in corrections".

We have had precious few serious investigations into the abusive practices of police guards and sub-human corrections officers,- foreign or domestic. One of the most interesting, correct, and sickening comments to come out of the Senate Committee investigating the tortures at Abu Ghriab was the comment by one of the senators that this torture and humiliation was "no greater than punishments and humiliations meted out in county jails and state prisons throughout the United States." Indeed.

In a recent report of the California Prison Project a thoroughly implemented pattern of programmed abuse and humiliation emerged:

"In one small town in Northern California it was common practice in routine traffic stops for officers to insult and intimidate in the hope that a reaction to the officers' impertinence would be sufficient to escalate a pending charge to a more serious one. If an arrest was made, the person was shoved into an unbelievably cramped space and taunted. Upon arrival at the station the "perp" was further insulted and locked in a closet without sanitary facilities for several hours in the hopes that they would be forced to urinate in their clothes or perhaps rupture their bladder. After a false police report was created and filed the "perp" was transferred to the city jail."

"In one very disturbing case, the arresting officer discussed his personal collection of confiscated automatic weapons with another officer with the intention of selling them. There is an enormous illegal traffic in weapons taken in raids by officers but which never make it to the property room. Instead they are often resold to other officers who in turn distribute them back out into the community dealing out of the trunks of their vehicles or out of their homes."

"Once out of the public view in the fortress of the county jail the sexual humiliations and violations begin with the intake ritual abuse of strip searches and cavity searches performed by officers and 'trusty' prisoners in tandem. Bending over and spreading their cheeks and attempting to defecate under the eager and watchful eyes of the officers and "trusty's" to assure that they weren't carrying drugs."

-- California Prison Project Report, 2000

Just like in the movies...does life imitate Art? or...

Is it really surprising at all to find that the abuses occurred in Iraq by military police officers most of which move constantly through the revolving doors of the National Guard and Army Reserve and the county, municipal, and state incarceration systems throughout the United States? This IS life in the United States so why not send the low-life scum out of the country to torture and humiliate others? Since United States citizens can't get these abuses addressed by our local Governors and Congressional and State representatives who refuse to act, at least a war gets the stinking low-lifes out of the country for a while so that the rest of us can rest. I couldn't agree more that these devils need to be deprived of their right to return to the United States and stripped of their citizenship forever. Put the flies on their own island to pick each others scabs and suck their blood.

These guards are not human beings and need to be treated as the aliens they truly are. Join in pressing your representatives to strip the torturers of their citizenship and deport them to Devil's Island. We don't want them to return to America to practice their sick cruelty on American citizens. If they are not kept out of the country that is exactly what will happen. Thinking people know that George Bush would like nothing better than to instruct John Ashcroft to round up all the 'usual progressives' and cart them off to cement block private contract jails in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arizona and torture and abuse the only hopeful and good people who remain in America. Without the progressives this country dies in a whimper rather than a shout of triumph over our oppressors and occupiers. Without the progressives George Bush will "do what thou wilt" in the fashion of the macabre Alister Crowley. Consider his mouthpiece Donald Rumsfeld telling his under secretaries "to grab whomever they wanted to and to do whatever they needed to do".

Thank you Andy Rooney!

Andy Rooney, 14 January 1919, Albany, New York

Mercury: 3Pluto 3Kronos 3Apollon
PLU KRO APO From a tiny start developing into a gigantic transformation. Many are examined, tested. A big change for many. Sweeping changes in the state, in politics, and in the government. Developing a new science from a small beginning. Increase and expansion.

MER PLU APO £ ª » Speaking with many about a transformation. Having to think of many things. Many change their minds. Many converse about an alteration and change in their views. Thoughts, opinions or debates about transformations and changes. Under the influence of a big change. Expanded ideas.

MER PLU KRO £ ª º Development of thinking which enables enormous cognition. Developing important ideas. Growing up into a notable mental or spiritual leader. Thoughts, news, talks about big changes.

MER KRO APO £ º » The thinker. Spreading of momentous and important thoughts. Fashionable in speeches with many. Important scientific thoughts or ideas. Recognized leader of science. Leading scientific debates. The thinking is concentrated on scientific matters.

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