Thursday, May 13, 2004

Blog update5/13/2004 6:24 pm
Since the previous blog more evidence has emerged which corroborates the conclusions that Nick Berg was sacrificed to the lies and obfuscation imperative of the Bush Administration putsch for dominant Empire. There are new emails from the family and close friends of Berg which detail his working on 1000 foot towers adjacent to the Abu Ghirab prison. Lets face the truth, Nick Berg saw SOME horrific torture and abuse which the FBI and CIA who were in charge of containment of the dissemination of the truth of what took place at Abu Ghirab
Donald Rumsfeld needs to be taken out of the Administration and imprisoned for the rest of his life. He both encouraged this and facilitated this murder of the witness who was Nick Berg. There is no punishment, which is too severe for Donald Rumsfeld. Please indicate through your comments what you would like to witness Donald Rumsfeld endure for Killing Nick Berg. Then when you have figured that out add on the punishment for the 10,000 plus civilians who have been killed as a direct result of the Rumsfeld-Bush doctrine of Iraqi Sovereign Oil Acquisition Campaign of 2001-2004.

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